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Case Studies

Case studies are among the most valuable sales collateral that you can generate

Nothing that you can write yourself will be more credible than what an independent, third-party says about your company and your product.  Furthermore, users want to be assured that other companies have made the same decision that they are about to.  Most customers do not want to purchase “leading-edge”, or worse yet “bleeding-edge”, technologies.  The old adage that no one gets fired for purchasing from IBM is still true – purchasing products from a solid, reliable company is a safe bet.


Case studies:

· Demonstrate customers are using your product

· Establish credibility to your claims

· Increase visibility

· Demonstrate use cases

· Quantify the value to customers


Case Study Styles

There are many different types of customer case:

· Testimonial or Success story – why a customer purchased your product

· Use cases – how customers are using your product 

· Benefits (ROI) – how customers benefit from purchasing your product

· “How to”- technical details about how customers have implemented your product

Case studies that make cents from

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